Contra Dance - Code of Conduct

  • Be friendly & welcoming, especially to new dancers! Anyone can ask anyone to dance.
  • It’s ok to say “No, thanks.” If someone declines your invitation, move on.
  • Be considerate, respectful & kind!!!
  • Be gentle! Dance with energy/vigor, but not force.
  • COMMUNICATE!!! Be clear, direct, & specific; help each other to improve dance skills. If you need assistance, ask the dance coordinator.


  • Don’t be pushy; “no” means “no”.
  • Don’t assume everyone has the same preferences for personal space, swinging velocity, extra twirls - ASK!
  • Physical injuries/fragilities aren’t always visible; don’t grab, jerk, pull too hard, push, wrench arms, or squeeze hands/fingers. Apologize quickly for any accidental contact.
  • Don’t assume that friendly dance-floor flirtation extends beyond the dance hall.

ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPTABLE: grouping, ogling, roughness, unwanted intimacy, stalking, predatory or intimidating behavior, or discrimination based on race, gender, or age

Please also read the Contra Dance - Safety & Consent Agreement

Last modified 10/14/19.