Greetings to dancers, bands, and callers! The Tacoma Contra Dance has a
great hall, high-spirited dancers, marvelous bands, and entertaining
callers. Above all, we have fun!

  • Live and exciting traditional music, with modern touches
  • Singles, couples, and families are welcome
  • No need to bring a partner
  • No experience needed-all dances are taught on the spot
  • Workshops for newcomers before most dances
  • Alcohol-free, smoke-free, and fragrance-free

Dances are held at Christ Church Wells Hall, 310 North K St., Tacoma, WA 98403 on the second Sunday of the month. Workshop is at 3:30, dance 4:00 to 6:30.

Dance Calendar

It’s time to dance again and have fun!

  • September 11, 2022. The band is super: Ryan McKasson on fiddle, Anita Anderson on piano, and Dave Bartley on guitar, mandolin, and other strings. Your caller is Greg Frock, visiting from Baltimore.
  • October 9
  • November 13
  • December 11

If you are new to contra dance, or want a refresher, be there for the 3:30 workshop. This is a hands-on, participatory, no-pressure, friendly workshop. In half an hour, you can learn the basics of contra dancing and be ready to really enjoy yourself.

Public health issues are still with us. To minimize the risks, our policy is this:
1) Proof of COVID-19 vaccination + booster is required. You can print out the attached form, fill it out, and bring it to the dance, or we will provide you with a form at the door.
2) Well-fitting masks are required while in the hall. We will have good masks at the door if you need one.

Alas, our rent for Wells Hall has doubled !!!   The new admission charge is this: “$10 - $20, sliding scale”. That means pay what you can, and please be generous. Money from the door pays for rent, band, caller, and sound.

More Information


You can join our Facebook page to share dance information, arrange carpools, etc.


Crowfoot at Tacoma Contra Dance - Wells Hall
Tacoma Contra Dance at Wells Hall
Tacoma Contra Dance at Wells Hall with George Marshall and Nightingale

The Tacoma Contra Dance is sponsored by the Tacoma Country Dance Society, a 501©(3) non-profit organization.

Last modified 09/13/22.