Greetings to dancers, bands, and callers! The Tacoma Contra Dance has a
great hall, high-spirited dancers, marvelous bands, and entertaining
callers. Above all, we have fun!

  • Live and exciting traditional music, with modern touches
  • Singles, couples, and families are welcome
  • No need to bring a partner
  • No experience needed-all dances are taught on the spot
  • Workshops for newcomers before most dances
  • Alcohol-free, smoke-free, and fragrance-free

Dances are held at Christ Church Wells Hall, 310 North K St., Tacoma, WA 98403.

We dance year-round usually on the "third Saturday" of the month but
sometimes we dance instead on a Sunday afternoon. We also dance on the
"fifth Saturday" of the month when there is one. For the specific
schedule, please be sure to check the Dance Calendar below.

Admission is $10, or $8 for students and seniors (65+), or $5 for dancers
under age 18 and over 80. If you bring a family, please ask about a family

Dance Calendar

  • July 18 - No dance this month Red Crow is a high-flying flock of fiddles, guitar, and percussion that cruises the altitudes with fiery reels and lilting jigs from Cape Breton and the Celtic Isles. The flock is Susan Burke and Howie Meltzer on fiddle, Joe Micheals on guitar, and Julie Bennett on drums.
  • August 15 - No dance
  • Stay tuned for future dances

More Information


You can join our Facebook page to share dance information, arrange carpools, etc.


Crowfoot at Tacoma Contra Dance - Wells Hall
Tacoma Contra Dance at Wells Hall
Tacoma Contra Dance at Wells Hall with George Marshall and Nightingale

The Tacoma Contra Dance is sponsored by the Tacoma Country Dance Society, a 501©(3) non-profit organization.

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