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Emerald City Contra Dance

with the Seattle Folklore Society present

Contra dancing every Friday at the

Phinney Neighborhood Center

6532 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle (98103)

in the "Community Hall" (the brick building near the lower parking lot)

Dance from 7:30pm to 10:00pm, beginner's workshop at 7:00
$9 general admission. $8 for SFS members, PNA members, and seniors. $5 for full-time students. Free for people under the age of 16.
First time contra dancers get a coupon for free admission to their next dance.
Coupon redemption limited to first five coupons on any single night.

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Please help the PNA achieve their sustainability goals. Consider carpooling, walking, biking, or riding the bus to the dance. If you drive, please park in the PNA parking lots.

Bands and callers, the 2018 booking form is now up.
Information for bands and callers.
Information for dancers.

For information not already posted here: 206-440-9839 or

All dances taught. No partner necessary.
Light, comfortable clothing recommended.
Please do not wear cologne, perfume or other strongly scented products. Thanks!

Our hall has strict capacity limits. We occasionally need to limit entry due to high attendance.

Enough of the suggestions, disclaimers, and notifications. Here is what you really want to know...

Schedule of bands and callers:

Take note! The Phinney Farmers' Market continues through the summer. Shop for groceries or get some dinner before the dance - and plan on more crowded conditions in the parking lot.

  • September 22 - Making Time is a simmering trio of masterful musicians:Terry Wergeland, accordion, Susan Burke, fiddle, and Joe Micheals, guitar. They've cooked up a spicy brew of irresistible and flirtatious tunes for your dance experience. Called by the charming Gwen Rousseau.
  • September 29 - The Weisenheimers - Alan Snyder on fiddle and Dave Goldman on keyboard. Dave will keep your feet moving with his driving-and-sometimes-syncopated rhythms. Alan Snyder plays the fiddle with multiple accents and styles - Cape Breton, Scottish, Irish, Appalachian and Quebecois (and maybe more). Jean Gorrindo calls.
  • October 6 - JDBM: Jessica Ritts on flute, Dale Hailey on percussion, Bruce Larson on keyboard, and Matti Mero on mandolin. You'll dance to a night of music with origins from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Cuba, and Seattle. Susan Michaels calls.
  • October 13 - Time Zones: Rex Blazer (fiddle), Sue Songer (keyboard), and Todd Silverstein (bouzouki, whistle, saxophone). Woody Lane calls.
  • October 20 - The Nettles. Celtic. Eclectic. Folkadelic. The Nettles propel contra dances with powerful melodies, wild improvisation, driving rhythms, and a phat groove. Laura Brophy (fiddle), Kevin Johnsrude (guitar), Michael Proctor (bass), Brian Bucolo (drums). Isaac Banner calls.
  • October 27 – The Luddite Ramblers are Laurel Stone (fiddle), Craig Shaw (flute, fife, whistle) and Jay Finkelstein (guitar). The Luddite Ramblers provide an infectious dance rhythm overlaid with enchanting melody and harmony. Who would have thought that guitar, flute, and fiddle together could sound like a single, propulsive, lyrical, dance instrument? This band does it. Amy Carroll calls.
  • November 3 - Countercurrent - Brian Lindsey (fiddle), Alex Sturbaum (guitar) with caller Craig Wolfe.
  • November 10 - George Paul, that piano dynamo and prolific tunesmith from North Carolina, visits, along with Uncle Farmer’s Ben Schreiber on fiddle and local journeyman Dave Bartley on mandolin and guitar. Lots of original music with funk and jazz overtones. Marlin Prowell calls.
  • November 17 - Vermont’s own trad roots power trio, Pete’s Posse, is composed of acclaimed musician Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo, melodica and vocals), his talented protégé Oliver Scanlon (fiddle, viola, mandolin, foot percussion and vocals) and the uber-dynamic Tristan Henderson (guitars, mandolin, jaw harp, foot percussion and vocals). Twin fiddles in tight, wild harmony over high-powered guitar and pounding footwork with mandolin, clawhammer banjo, jawharp and rocking keyboards adding their voices to the mix. Songs and tunes, old and new, lyrical and driving: that’s the multi-generational heart and mind of PETE’S POSSE, at work and at play. George Marshall calls.
  • November 24 - RiffRaff – Jesse Partridge (fiddle & guitar), River Scheuerell (fiddle & guitar), Lindon Toney (fiddle & harmonica). Jay Finklestein calls.
  • December 1 - Contra Sutra. Susan Petrick calls. At Om Culture.
  • December 8 - Continental Drift: Eric Anderson on piano and Eileen on fiddle. Emily Rush calls.
  • December 15 - David Kaynor & Friends. Lindsey Dono calls.
  • December 22 - Alex Sturbaum of Countercurrent joins Dave Bartley and Claude Ginsburg of KGB to create a tart, yet pleasing, alchemy of dance music new and old. Fiddle and calling legend David Kaynor calls.
  • December 29 - Sound Crossing. Eileen Thorsos calls.

Who is Emerald City Contra Dance?

Adam Carlson, Amy Wimmer, and Tom Wimmer are the primary organizers of this dance. We have assistance from some regular volunteers who help with the setup and cleanup each Friday.

All of us volunteer our time to make this dance happen. We balance the work of the dance with other demands on life such as family, friends, jobs, laundry, etc.

Emerald City Contra Dance is part of the Seattle Folklore Society, an organization that sponsors music and dance opportunities in Puget Sound. We run the contra dance that occurs at the Phinney Neighborhood Center. We have no affiliation with the Lake City contra dance, or the Tacoma contra dance, or the (fill in the name here) contra dance in (your favorite city). Also, we have no affiliation with Northwest Folklife. Although we share a common enthusiasm for those events, they are operated by completely different individuals and organizations. If you have questions or comments for those organizations, please contact them directly.

For even more information about the dance, click here.

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