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Emerald City Contra Dance

with the Seattle Folklore Society present

Contra dancing every Friday at the

Phinney Neighborhood Center

6532 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle (98103)

in the "Community Hall" (the brick building near the lower parking lot)

Dance from 7:30pm to 10:00pm, beginner's workshop at 7:00

$9 general admission
$8 SFS members
$8 PNA members
$8 seniors
$5 for full-time students
Free for people under the age of 16.

First time contra dancers get a coupon for free admission to their next dance.
Coupon redemption limited to first five coupons on any single night.

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Due to an adverse medical reaction at a recent dance, we'd like to emphasize showing up without cologne, perfume or other strongly scented products. Some of the organizers and dancers have allergic-like reactions to the chemicals in these items.

Please help the PNA achieve their sustainability goals. Consider carpooling, walking, biking, or riding the bus to the dance. If you drive, please park in the PNA parking lots.

Bands and callers, the 2018 booking form is now up.
Information for bands and callers.
Information for dancers.

For information not already posted here: 206-440-9839 or

All dances taught. No partner necessary.
Light, comfortable clothing recommended.

Our hall has strict capacity limits. We occasionally need to limit entry due to high attendance.

Enough of the suggestions, disclaimers, and notifications. Here is what you really want to know...

Schedule of bands and callers:

  • August 17 - Cascade Crossing - Carl Thor (piano, hammer dulcimer, and drum), Rich Goss (guitar, mandolin, and percussion), Sarah Goss (bass, whistle, and oboe), and Lori Prime (fiddle). Chuck Abell calls.
  • August 24 - Avalanche is Chuck Abell (guitar), Betsy Branch (fiddle), and Bill Tomczak (clarinet and saxophone). Rich Goss calls.
  • August 31 - Brandon Vance and Dave Bartley.
  • September 7 - Wink at the Moon is Stuart Williams on fiddle and guitar, Sarah Comer on fiddle and piano, and Terry Wergeland on piano and accordion. Abigail Hobart calls.
  • September 14 - The Euphemists: Alan Snyder – fiddle; Dave Goldman – keyboard; Jerry Nelson - guitar & sax; Paula Hamlin - sax, flute, & whistle; Kaye Blesener – trombone. Dance to classic tunes arranged for the big band sound. Laurel Thomas calls.
  • September 21 - To be determined. Isaac Banner calls.

It's that time of the year...

It's warmer and more humid outside. That means it is even warmer and more humid in the hall when a hundred people do an aerobic activity in an enclosed and poorly-ventilated space. Here are a few suggestions to make your experience and everyone else's experience better.
- Drink plenty of water. If you perspire, your body needs water to replace that perspiration.
- Bring additional shirts or blouses so that you can dance in (relatively) dry garments.
- Take a break and get some fresh air outside.
- Shower before you arrive. Yes, I admit that it sounds weird. If you don't have the collection of aromas from the entire day, those aromas won't permeate the hall.
- Sit out a dance or two to give your body some rest.
- Drink plenty of water. If you perspire, your body needs water to replace that perspiration. Repeat often.
- Don't bother with cologne, perfumes, aftershave, etc. Volatile organic chemicals like these will evaporate readily and permeate the hall.
- Drink plenty of water. Bring some lemonade or fruit juice for variety. If you perspire, your body needs water to replace that perspiration. Repeat more often.
- Use unscented or fragrance-free antiperspirant. Check the fine print on the label for the words "scent" or "fragrance". Those of us who react adversely to these chemicals will appreciate your restraint.
- Not everyone can endure the warmth and humidity. If you reach your limit, we understand. We look forward to seeing you again when we have cooler weather.
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